Ferg Burger

75% love it
You've been skiing all day--have a burger
Fergburger is where all the cute boys go after hitting the slopes. It's tough to get a seat but people eat quick. We recommend the Fergburger with Blue Cheese or the Morning Glory if you're stopping by before going up Coronet Peak.


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      thomasd851 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Barely mediocre
      The line for Fergburger may be out the door but it is well down the street. Waiting for about 15 minutes just to order in the blinding sun is much less desirable than I was expecting and after you have ordered there is next to no seating so you can't even enjoy what aesthetic appeal they have. While the food might be normally good the things we ate were overly expensive for a hardly filling burger that had too many conflicting flavours to enjoy, with a sauce that didn't stay on the burger for long.